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11/11/2021 I was scrolling through my dream.seeding instagram feed and one of the followers posted a picture of a bridge. The bridge extended out from the foreground into the background. At this time I was looking for a seed to bring intention to and the bridge felt like a natural extension of the work I had been doing on beaches and dead ends.

I was inspired to associate to the image and wrote the following:

The bridge...connect, path, abyss, rainbow, dimensions, shaman, seekers, relationship, opposites...choice.

Later that afternoon while sitting in a local outdoor cafe I wrote about the bridge with more intention. "In today's bridge...crossing over, redistributing the energy wheel, going from one neurobiological domain to another. Taking stock, measuring up, Holding light, moving through... what is coming. Taking a short-cut, The bridge changing directions. Crossing, what was previously not possible. Horizontal movement, instead of vertical descent and ascent. Resetting. Game changer.

Today's dream image helps me see previous dreams in a different perspective. Vertical, horizontal, a need to descent in recent dreams connect to the deepening of spirit into body. The descent and connecting mind/holding spirit and embodying the processes of feeling and emotions.

Broken descent, repairing the broken stairs. The work of neurobiology takes time and energy transfer. A bridge and energy oppositions. Moving in the opposite direction.

The bridge...who stays above and what is below? What stays and what crosses? Holding a position and cutting off. The bridge is active and alive in the my psyche. But it exists along a narrative plane, an arc of consciousness and a motivating pathway. Take a little pause on the bridge, look down below, look back at where you came."

That journal entry was uplifting and integrative from a number of different perspectives that I don't mind sharing.

How did the bridge show up in my dream? "I am seeing clients in a large building. They come into session one by one. I meet with a young man and we start to talk, but I don't recognize him as a patient. I am trying to teach him though the difference between consciousness and unconsciousness. He is struggling to get it."

Trying to bridge the great divide of consciousness and unconsciousness as teacher. Seeding the unconscious with bridge as symbol connects different parts of my psyche and lives in my autobiographical work. The repair of self and shift of energy and the pull of unconscious to deny consciousness. I am on the bridge with all of these forces shifting above, below, ahead and behind.

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