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We believe that the fabric of our country takes a devoted and conscious effort to bring equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives to the forefront of our efforts. This is a complex topic, and everyone is a stakeholder in the conversation and in making long-term change. We recognize that the strengths of a diverse community fortify our decision-making and enhance our creativity. We value the time and resilience our communities take to build a stronger and culturally competent lifestyle. We are a team of multiethnic individuals who have spoken at national conferences on the topic of empathy and multiculturalism, and have directed outreach programs for international and local boarding school students.


Presently, we are working directly with individuals and organizations on developing a multicultural ethos. We have worked in independent schools to increase the inclusivity of international students and transgender students into the school community. We have also built relationships with non-profits in Los Angeles devoted to helping inner city students gain acceptance to independent schools. 


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